• September 11, 2017

Mobile Apps Provide Helpful Resources to Immigrants

Mobile Apps Provide Helpful Resources to Immigrants

Mobile Apps Provide Helpful Resources to Immigrants 150 150 Office of Immigrant Affairs

Updated Sept. 11, 2017


Immigrants often face unique challenges. If you’re not sure who to turn to for help, technology can be particularly helpful. Finding the right app for your smart phone, tablet, and computer can connect you to important resources.

Here are a few examples of helpful mobile apps for immigrants:

1.  Arrived Developed in 2016 by Google employees, Arrived provides users with:

  • The latest immigration news and trends
  • A map of non-profit organizations and law clinics
  • Video playlists that teach English
  • A U.S. Citizenship quiz
  • Frequently Asked Questions about immigration
  • Information in English and Spanish

You can download Arrived on the App Store or Google Play

2. Making Democracy Work for Everyone –The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) developed an app to help people report incidents of bias. The app helps both immigrants and the general public with:

  • Reporting bias incidents
  • Advice on constitutional rights when encountering law enforcement and Homeland Security
  • Contact information for CAIR national and regional offices
  • Information in multiple languages

You can download this app on the App Store or Google Play

3. Tarjimly –Tarjimly is a Facebook messenger app which connects volunteer translators to refugees and immigrants in dire need of translation services. This allows them to speak with doctors, aid workers, or legal representatives. Tarjimly has over 2,000 translators available for Arabic to English translations. More languages will be added in the future. Learn more here.

4. Jornaler@ App – Jornaler@ was launched by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. It was designed by and for day laborers. The app can help workers, regardless of their immigration status, keep track of their hours, report suspected wage theft, and stay connected with other workers in the area.

You can download Jornaler@ on the App Store or Google Play

To learn about Los Angeles County’s free resources for all immigrants, call the Office of Immigrant Affairs at (800) 593-8222.