DACA Resources

DACA Resources

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Note: This information page is being reviewed and edited following the June 18 Supreme Court ruling. Check back for updates.


  1. L.A. Justice Fund:

The L.A. Justice Fund is a partnership among Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, and the philanthropic community and was created to provide legal representation to Los Angeles County residents who cannot afford an attorney and who are facing imminent deportation. Please see the list of L.A. Justice Fund Legal Service Providers on our OIA website an LA Justice Resource Directory.

In the event you don’t qualify for L.A. Justice Fund representation, you should contact the agencies on this list of pro-bono legal service providers for free or low-cost immigration advice.

  1. Know Your Rights

Everyone, documented or undocumented, is entitled to certain rights in the United States:

  • RIGHT TO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR, unless the immigration agent has a warrant to enter that is signed by a judge or magistrate and has your name on it.
  • RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and not answer questions from immigration agents.
  • RIGHT NOT TO SIGN ANY PAPERS without first talking to an attorney.
  • RIGHT TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY at your own expense.

The Office of Immigrant Affairs prepared a Know Your Rights Pocket Card, which includes a “Red Card” that you may give to immigration agents. Print and keep this Pocket Card handy: oia.lacounty.gov.

  1. Other Resources and Information

The Los Angeles County departments listed below may have additional helpful information.

Alternate Public Defender: 

  • Information regarding reduction, dismissal or expungement of previous criminal convictions (post-conviction review)

Child Support Services: 

  • Copy of your child support payment records

Children and Family Services: 

  • Copy of your file if you were under their care 

Consumer and Business Affairs: 

  • Assistance with immigration fraud complaints
  • Records of consumer complaints you filed with the department

Domestic Violence Council: 

  • Copy of your case records
  • Assistance and resources for victims of domestic violence

Office of Education:

  • School enrollment and attendance records
  • Verification of graduation

Health Services: 

  • Copy of your medical records
  • Letter to verify your visits to its facilities
  • Birth records

Mental Health: 

  • Copy of your mental health records
  • Letter to verify your visits to its mental health clinics

 Military and Veterans Affairs: 

  • Copy of your military records

 Public Defender: 

  • Information regarding reduction, dismissal or expungement of previous criminal convictions (post-conviction review)

Public Health: 

  • Copy of your medical records
  • Copy of Immunization records

Public Library:

  • Verification of library visits record at no cost

Public Social Services:

  • Copy of your case records and information about DPSS programs that DACA recipients may qualify for

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk:

  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificate

Treasurer and Tax Collector:

  • Property tax payment records

Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services:

  • Records of your visits or participation at County community centers


Dishonest immigration consultants often defraud consumers by charging fees for illegal or misleading services including giving legal advice, claiming to have inside “connections” or saying they know special laws. Consumers who deal with these people often lose their money and can hurt their chances to adjust their immigration status. Immigration consultants may include: “notarios”, paralegals or anyone offering immigration-related services. No matter what they call themselves, immigration consultants must follow the law.

Learn how to prevent, report, and resolve immigration fraud HERE.

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